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5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

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Residents enjoy the privacy of personal living spaces, engaging activities, and the assistance of a trained caregiver available at all times. We provide freedom within a safe community where neighbors become friends. Residents enjoy the privacy of personal living spaces, engaging activities, and the assistance of a trained caregiver available at all times. We provide freedom within a safe community where neighbors become friends.

Considering assisted living for your loved one can be a difficult choice to make. It can seem overwhelming trying to find the right amenities for your loved one, especially if you’re at an age where you also have responsibilities taking care of children or grandchildren (as well as your career and social life). Choosing an assisted living facility isn’t a choice that should be made lightly, but touring and researching doesn’t have to take away from the other things you love. We’ve put together five key factors that should determine whether an assisted living facility is the right home for your loved one.


It’s understandable to want to keep your loved one close so you can easily visit and help supplement their experience at an assisted living facility. However, the closest facility may not always be the best one. When taking a first glance at assisted living facilities, look for ones within 30-40 minutes. Anything further can begin to add up when you consider round-trip driving time and the ease with which you can schedule visits. Also consider the rest of your family – is it a convenient location for them to visit your loved one as well?

When you begin to narrow down locations within 30-40 minutes, now begin considering these questions:

  • Is the neighborhood safe? Would your loved one enjoy the outlying community? 
  • What is traffic like on a daily basis? What about on holidays?
  • How close is your loved one’s primary care provider or hospital?
  • Does your loved one have easy access to a place of worship where applicable?

Community Size

Keep in mind your loved one’s preferred social environment. There are benefits to both small and large assisted living facilities. If they would be happy with a smaller community, then there are benefits to seeking out a small facility with fewer accommodations where they can receive better one-on-one care. However, if they enjoy large, social communities, they may find amenities like recreation rooms and classes, in-house grooming facilities, chapels, or dining amenities. 


It can be helpful to look at assisted living facilities based on their services and amenities. Consider the services most integral to your loved one’s everyday living and filter your results from there. Some of the most noteworthy services include:

  • Transportation to doctor’s appointments or grocery stores
  • Full-trained registered nursing staff
  • Access to group physical activities all year round
  • Laundry care and housekeeping

Also consider facilities that can transition to higher levels of care when needed so you don’t have to switch facilities later on.


Cost is almost always one of the most important considerations that people face when looking for assisted living facilities for their loved ones. As with anything, you’ll often get what you pay for – this means it can be worth it to your peace of mind to seek out the very best facility you can afford. Although it may seem pricy, keep in mind the current cost of time and labor in taking care of your loved one by yourself. By factoring in the costs of driving them to appointments or bringing them groceries, for example, you may find professional care more affordable than you thought.


Each assisted living facility has its own unique culture. If your loved one values making new friends and participating in social events, then it’s important to find the facility that will fit their needs. Look for facilities that have social meal times, rec rooms for gathering, and outdoor social areas for spending time outside. Consider your loved one’s daily hobbies and activities and ensure there’s a strong social presence for these activities so they can thrive and form new bonds.

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