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About Memory Care at Care Cardinal

Dementia and memory loss can be extremely challenging for you and your family. Considering professional memory care can be just as difficult, but our team is dedicated to helping you navigate the transition and ensure you feel confident placing your loved one in our care. Our memory care communities are designed to provide a calm, compassionate, and caring environment where your loved one feels supported no matter their cognitive ability. Your loved one can have their needs met with 24-hour, dedicated professional care and relieve the responsibility of care from you and your family.

Is Memory Care Right for Me?

Every memory care resident comes from a different level of cognitive ability. You may know that it’s the right time for your loved one to transition to professional care, or you may still be unsure. Ultimately, we recommend meeting with our team to see how we can best meet the needs of your loved one and provide relief for your family. Professional memory care offers many benefits, including being fully equipped with focused medical staff, security, and round-the-clock care. If you’re finding it difficult to provide the full extent of care that your loved one needs, then professional memory care is often the best investment you can make in their overall health and well-being.

The Benefits of Memory Care at Care Cardinal

Our memory care communities are fully equipped to provide the level of attention and compassion your loved one deserves. Memory care residents at our West Michigan communities can enjoy the following:

  • 24-hour professional care
  • Daily living assistance
  • Homecooked meals
  • Daily programming and activities
  • Laundry and housekeeping


What’s Available at Memory Care?

At our memory care communities, we provide a variety of stimulating and enriching activities to create a calming, enjoyable environment. Memory care residents often have unique needs when it comes to daily living and emotional fulfillment, and our professional team is equipped to help your loved one feel nurtured and cared for. Our memory care communities in West Michigan offer the following amenities, services, and activities:

Bible Study


Birthday Parties




Happy Hour


Movie Nights

Live Entertainment


And More!

What Is the Wren Program?

At Care Cardinal, we believe that people living with dementia deserve to live in a world that supports their emotional and physical needs, especially as those needs continue to evolve and change. Our residents living with dementia need different resources and hands-on care than our residents without cognitive impairments — we’re here to meet those needs. That’s where the Wren Program comes in.

The wren is noted in folklore as “the king of birds.” We want to distinguish between our residents living with dementia and those without cognitive impairments – without focusing on the impairment itself. Instead, how can we adjust our caregiving to bring out the best in ourselves and our residents? How can we make our program suitable for people living with dementia?

Here’s how: Care Cardinal’s dementia program is relationship-based and resident-first. The Wren Program comprises the “Three C’s” of fundamental aspects around activities, dining, and physical and emotional design.

Care Cardinal’s Fundamentals

Creative Engagement

We think daily activities are far more than just “keeping people busy” — we believe it’s about meeting people where they are and helping them maintain what makes them unique.

Cozy Dining

Dining should be just that: dining. It should be an experience that our residents look forward to each day. We provide home-cooked, nutritious meals designed to inspire comfort and cheerfulness.

Calm Ambiance

A calm, welcoming environment isn’t just about physical space. Many people with dementia occupy a different emotional space, so we’ve created a calming environment accordingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the difference between memory care and dementia care?
    Memory care and dementia care are often used interchangeably. However, dementia care often refers to specific, more intensive care in the later stages of dementia whereas memory care applies to many different levels of cognitive ability.
  • How do you know when it’s time for memory care?
    Often, it’s best to consider memory care for your loved one when they can no longer perform basic daily tasks, or their behavior becomes unpredictable. In this case, a dedicated memory care team is best equipped to provide accommodation.
  • Can my loved one bring their own furnishings?
    Your loved one can bring some of their own furnishings. So that we can provide prompt care, we try to limit the amount of furniture, but recommend providing your loved one’s favorite comfort items.
  • Can my loved one have visitors?
    Your loved one is able to have visitors, but we put certain policies in place to maintain the safety, security, and calming atmosphere of our communities. Our team can provide more information.
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You can find our unique communities all around the greater West Michigan area. With different levels of care and family-like cultures, each community has something to offer. Contact us today to schedule a tour or for more information.

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Memory care can be a difficult decision for you and your family, but our team is here to help. To learn more about our amenities and communities, we invite you to contact us today and begin discussing your options for investing in your loved one’s well-being.

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The staff were knowledgeable, caring, and attentive to my father's needs. You get a real sense that it's not just a job for them; they regularly went above and beyond to make sure my dad was as healthy and comfortable as possible.

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