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Best Retirement Home In West Michigan – BC Manor

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West Michigan is home to hundreds of thousands of people and thousands of square miles of beautiful waterways, lakes, and forests. Families from across the state and throughout the Midwest come to West Michigan to spend time on the lake, enjoy the outdoors with loved ones, and to visit friends and family.

Byron Center Manor is proud to be located in West Michigan, close to Grand Rapids, Kentwood, Grandville, and other cities to allow retirees and their loved ones find a senior living community within reach of natural beauty and close relationships.

West Michigan Senior Living Facility

No matter what brings you to West Michigan, the family of Byron Center Manor is here to help you feel as close to home as possible. We were founded by family members and continue to lean into the values that go into treating all our residents like family, no matter where they came from.

With this in mind, we offer three neighborhoods of varying levels of service for those with different levels of abilities and caregiving needs. We’d be happy to show you or your loved ones around our beautiful facility to show you all that our community and this part of the country has to offer.

Independent Living Facility in West Michigan

Our independent living neighborhood is ideal for those who are looking for a more manageable space to live when considering downsizing from their current home. This neighborhood allows for as much of your normal lifestyle as you want, and you’re even able to have your own car in the parking lot.

The residents in independent living take part in a variety of activities both within Byron Center Manor and in the community. Whether it’s hosting or visiting friends and family or participating in one of the many daily activities we offer, there’s always something to put on your schedule here in West Michigan.

West Michigan Assisted Living

We’re happy to welcome and accommodate those who may need a little extra help now and then with daily chores and meal preparation, as well as critical tasks like medication administration. Our assisted living facilities come with up to three home-cooked meals every day, as well as laundry services, salon care, and complimentary transportation to medical appointments.

Our assisted living residents are also highly encouraged to participate in as many activities, including services like Catholic communion and Bible study, as they’re able to keep their minds and bodies active.

We understand the decision to move, no matter who initiates the conversation, is often a difficult and complicated one. We hope to help make the transition for you or your loved ones as smooth and simple as possible, no matter where you call home.

Memory Care Facility

Our most attentive care is for those in our memory care neighborhood. Qualified staff monitor constantly for safety and peace of mind for residents and family members alike, our memory care facility is equipped with Twilight Care protocols, which demonstrate our commitment to the wellbeing of everyone who lives with us.

This neighborhood is separate from our other neighborhoods but has access to an outdoor courtyard and activities appropriate for each resident’s abilities. Visitors and loved ones are welcome whenever they can come to help keep residents connected both within Byron Center Manor and with their extended family.

Best Retirement Home in West Michigan

The transition to assisted or even independent living after a lifetime of creating a home and family can be challenging for nearly everyone involved. Our team is here to help the move to West Michigan from wherever you’re living now as easy as possible, and help you settle into your new routine quickly. We’re confident you’ll find the beauty and opportunities both out in nature and here at Byron Center Manor to be well worth the visit, whenever you want to reach out to our team for a tour. We’re located at 2115 84th Street SW. Byron Center, Michigan 49315, within 20 minutes from several major shopping centers and cities. If you’re ready, don’t hesitate to fill out an application online today.