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Best Retirement Home Near Grandville – BC Manor

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Deciding where to move your loved ones when their own homes no longer suit their needs is a difficult decision and a challenging period of time for the family members and caregivers involved. At Byron Center Manor, we know this process is difficult, which is why we’re proud to say we were founded by and continue to operate with family at the core. The awareness and experience of transitioning our own family members to our facilities gives us a unique perspective on how we run and grow our communities, from memory care to independent living. We hope you find our neighborhoods as welcoming as your own family.

Senior Living Near Grandville, MI

Everyone getting older has their own unique needs and preferences when it comes to their living environment. Knowing this, we offer three levels of care to keep everyone involved in this transition comfortable and well-supported. All three of our neighborhoods are interconnected yet distinct, and provide everyone access to the amenities that make life comfortable and convenient.

Schedule a tour of our beautiful facilities in West Michigan to experience the BC Manor difference for yourself.

Independent Living

It’s normal to look at your current living situation and realize you have too much house to manage effectively, you’re too far from loved ones you wished you could see more, or simply become dissatisfied with the lifestyle you’ve been living. When looking to downsize or relocate, Byron Center Manor’s comfortable independent living neighborhood is eager to welcome you to our West Michigan home.

Enjoy community-oriented activities like Bible studies, game nights, and nature walks while having the freedom and opportunity to have your own car and easy-to-manage living space. You can also take advantage of the housekeeping services we provide and up to two fresh-cooked meals every day.

Assisted Living Facility Near Grandville

There’s no shame in needing a little extra help from family or other caregivers, which is why our assisted living community has been built to provide the personalized care you need with the dignity all our residents deserve. No longer worry about how your loved ones will get to medical appointments, whether they’ll get their medication on time, and what they’ve got in their fridge with our staff handling all these logistics with kindness. Everyone in our assisted living facility is also welcome and encouraged to join our community however they’re able to enjoy the activities they care most about.

Memory Care Housing

Our memory care neighborhood is unique compared to others, as we’re capable of operating with Twilight Care protocols, protecting the safety and peace of our memory care residents 24/7. It’s one way we actively seek to restore and retain the dignity of those who are with us, regardless of their needs and conditions.

Our secure, 40,000-ft. facility and outdoor common area serves our memory care community with ability-appropriate activities to help keep everyone as active and engaged as possible, prioritizing regular mental and physical stimulation. Visitors are welcome whenever possible to keep loved ones connected both within our community and outside it.

Retirement Home Near Grandville, MI

It’s never an easy decision or process to move your loved ones to a new home, which is why our staff is here to help make this transition as easy as possible. Please reach out to us whenever you’re ready to begin the application process or even just get a tour of our gorgeous community. We’re only 10-15 minutes away from Grandville at 2115 84th Street SW. Byron Center, Michigan 49315. If you’re ready to get started now, you can begin your application online today.