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How to Know When It Is Time for Senior Care

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The decision to make the transition into assisted living or memory care is rarely an easy one to make. There may be clear medical signs that it may be time. However, more subtle clues are a little more challenging to navigate. Not only are there medical factors, but financial factors play a key role in these discussions. In this blog, we will focus on the medical conversations between parents and siblings surrounding senior care. When you feel informed on the factors, you can feel confident in the decision you make together.

Health or Memory Issues

In many cases, residents at Byron Center Manor come to live here because they have serious medical needs or memory loss that requires round-the-clock care. People can certainly maintain their autonomy with moderate degrees of memory loss, but if you need services to bathe or feed your loved one, it may be time to consider full-time care.

The Rate of Injuries Has Increased

Many seniors can live at home with a good support system from family or other caregivers, but if they are falling or otherwise getting injured more and more frequently, it is probably best to give them a space that is engineered to keep them safe. This often does not reflect the quality of care that they currently receive, it simply indicates that someone needs 24/7 supervision and professional help.

Primary Caregiver Burnout

As the senior population grows, more and more older adults are shouldering the primary care of their parents. When you lose a parent who used to be providing care, or when they simply lose the ability to adequately care for each other, the burden can fall on their children, who sacrifice their time and mental energy keeping them safe and healthy.

This can quickly cause stress, anxiety, and eventually wear a person down to the point that they can no longer handle the responsibility without professional help. If you’re a primary caregiver to an aging relative and you are experiencing mental health issues or do not have enough time to handle your other responsibilities, it’s time to start the conversation about moving to an assisted living facility.

Only One Caregiver

Senior care professionals know it takes more than one person to adequately care for their late-life needs. If you or someone else is the only person in charge of taking care of your loved one’s medical, physical, financial, and emotional needs, you need more help. Sometimes this can come in the form of in-home care team but may be better served by giving your loved one a space of their own with 24-hour staff to support them.

Senior Care in Byron Center, MI

There are so many pieces that go into making the decision to seek out a senior care facility, and we understand that this conversation is often hard and challenging with family dynamics. It is never too early to get an understanding of the various factors, and we want to be your ally to help things go more smoothly. At Byron Center Manor, we are family caring for family. We have made these decisions personally and can help guide you and your family through this tough transition, providing care that is ultimately best for everyone involved. Call us or contact us online today to start a conversation with us about moving into a senior care facility.