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What You Can Expect

First, family members will speak to Barb Peck over the phone to talk about their loved one’s needs. This phone call is only the first step in determining whether Byron Center Manor is “truly a place that’s going to benefit your loved one.”

From there, applicants and their families may visit the care facility to tour rooms and meet with current residents. Depending on the specific care necessary, families may choose to tour either the Independent Living, Assisted Living, or Memory Care neighborhoods. If any of these seem like a good fit, families may then fill out an application.

While applications are being reviewed, a staff member will visit the applicant in their home to further assess their needs. “We want to make sure that the care that they’re going to receive here truly will meet their needs.” Home visits help staff evaluate individuals where they’re most comfortable to ensure that Byron Center Manor is the right place for them.

The goal throughout this process is to ensure the resident won’t have to move again through their lifetime. Byron Center Manor is intended to be the last home each resident moves into, so it’s important to make sure that individual needs are thoroughly understood.

Interested in starting this process? Call 616-878-3300 or contact us here.