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General 1

“The caregivers have gotten to know her food preferences and her quirky behaviors, they are so patient with her, and they are warm and attentive to us when we visit as well.”

General 2

The staff were knowledgeable, caring, and attentive to my father’s needs. You get a real sense that it’s not just a job for them; they regularly went above and beyond to make sure my dad was as healthy and comfortable as possible.

Kentwood 1

We have been truly blessed with amazing staff who have shown compassion towards my mom since day one. Even during this difficult journey with dementia, my mother has been able to maintain her dignity and still always has a smile on her face.

Kentwood 2

The facility is lovely and offers all the amenities as other assisted living locations, but it was the warmth, friendly, and easy-going attitude of the entire staff that impressed me.

General 3

The staff, as well as the management, is very caring. They also treat family in a kind and professional manner. There are delicious monthly family dinners with entertainment following dinner.

Wyoming 2

The staff is fantastic and they care deeply about the residents! The community is clean, friendly, and offers a number of activities daily. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for an Independent Living community.

Kentwood 3

My mother lives here and we visit often. The kitchen staff works hard to make meals a positive experience. If we ever have an issue management has been attentive.

Cascade 1

The staff is so loving and the place is very inviting. My husband’s disease makes him stubborn in getting the care he needs yet every staff member has worked tirelessly to help him and in the process that helped me. Thank you Care Cardinal Cascade!

Alger Heights 1

My mother has been a resident in the memory care unit at this facility and has received excellent care in her time there. The caregivers have gotten to know her food preferences and her quirky behaviors. They are so patient with her and they are warm and attentive to us when we visit as well.

Byron Center 1

My loved one receives excellent care. The staff are very invested in the residents. Wonderful facilities!

Belmont 1

This is where my mother spent her final days. We are so incredibly grateful for the staff that care for her. We appreciate them and their support while our family was grieving. I would recommend this place for a loved one.