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The Importance of Price Transparency in Senior Care

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There are a lot of costs in your life that end up disappointing you because it ends up being higher than what you were originally offered. Whether due to legitimate taxes and fees, or a result of shady marketing tactics, this never leaves a good impression, especially when it’s a large commitment you can’t easily back out of.

There’s perhaps no more important area to be transparent than when considering a senior living facility for you or your loved one, but sadly, many places do just the opposite, charging much higher rates than they said they would. This is why we’re dedicated to price transparency and honesty here at Byron Center Manor for a host of reasons like the following.

Honesty Makes the Process Simpler

Knowing exactly what you’ll pay each month for senior housing makes your decision that much easier because it allows to accurately and fully account for what your lifestyle may look like at a given facility. It cuts down on the amount of communication needed to make an informed decision by giving you the figures for pricing up front. And finally, it allows you and your loved ones to ask deeper, more meaningful questions about what life at Byron Center Manor will look like on a daily basis.

Transparency Builds Trust

Research has shown that as many as one in three seniors are worried about unexpected costs showing up on their bill. This means there’s a big opportunity for facilities like ours to build trust with potential residents as well as those who already live under our roofs.

When your bill accurately reflects the price quoted to you, you feel confident in your decision for whatever good or service your money went toward. Our honest pricing practices ensure you’re not blindsided by excess costs after you’ve committed, forging confidence in the way we run things with our residents both before and after you move in.

Upfront Pricing Helps Tenants Find Their Perfect Match

When senior care facilities advertise “luxurious amenities” or “affordable independent living” they’re subtly informing users of how expensive it may cost to live there. However, these hints and winks are nothing if not a trick to get additional leads, regardless of how qualified those leads may be. By being honest about how expensive our neighborhood communities are, we know what to expect from people who inquire about applying to live in Byron Center Manor. Plus, you come in with clear expectations of what value your money buys.

Senior Living Pricing in Byron Center, MI

At Byron Center Manor, everything we do is centered on taking the best care of you or your loved ones from the first time you speak with us. This includes being open and honest with the costs of living in our facility given your neighborhood, meal plan, and other choices you have for living with us. To learn more about our facility or to schedule a tour, please feel free to reach out to our team by calling 616-878-3300 or by filling out our online contact form today.