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What Do I Need To Move Into A Senior Living Facility?

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If you or your loved one is no longer are able or desire to live without at least some level of care, you’ve likely considered moving into a senior living facility. For those just starting out, this transition can be daunting, but have no fear. With the help of our kind and helpful staff here at Byron Center Manor, we will make the transition as seamless as possible, so you and your loved ones get the care you need.

Are You Qualified for Move-in?

The first question to ask yourself in the process is “What kind of senior care facility am I eligible for?” At Byron Center Manor, we offer three levels of care: Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care. For patients who cannot take care of the most basic physical needs, we often recommend Memory Care. For those who are more able-bodied and of sound mind, Assisted Living or Independent Living provide safe, comfortable housing with basic services provided to ease the burden of chores and meal preparation.

What is Your Caregiver Situation?

Many people come to us who have already hired at-home care in the form of a part-day or full-time nurse or other caregiver. For people in this situation, it’s likely more beneficial to join our Assisted Living or Memory Care communities, to create a stable regimen of care. Whether you’re transitioning to needing more care or less, there’s a place for you at Byron Center Manor.

Planning for Medical Needs

One of the biggest considerations when moving to a dedicated senior living facility is how to take care of medical needs. Here are a few things to consider medically when planning a move:

  • If moving away from the current primary care provider, make one last appointment with them before moving. Use this visit to gather records, update or fill prescriptions, and bring paperwork that needs to be signed by a doctor.
  • Make finding a primary care provider near Byron Center a top priority.
  • Gather all needed medications and medication schedule for our staff. We will deliver the correct medications at the prescribed time each day.
  • Make a plan for specialists that may be needed, such as cardiologists, eye doctors, and dentists in the area for future needs. We can transport anyone to and from appointments when needed.

The Logistics of Moving

Another key thing to plan ahead for is the move itself. Many residents choose to go through a moving company to avoid the hassle of enlisting friends and family for the heavy lifting. We can recommend a company if desired, and will help you figure out how to furnish your new space.

Because you have a new address, don’t forget to set up mail forwarding with the USPS prior to leaving your current residence. You should also plan to cancel utility services under your name so you don’t end up accidentally continuing to pay unnecessary bills. Make sure to notify close friends and family of your new address as well. And although it can be a hard discussion, it’s also important to plan end-of-life care, as we will ask for power of attorney contact information as well as information such as DNR orders.

Our Neighborhood Amenities

At Byron Center Manor, we are truly a family. As a family, we want everyone to feel involved and at home in our neighborhoods, which is why we take extra steps to provide for our residents every way we can. This includes providing many activities to get people physically active and socializing, as well as supporting medical care when needed. Our amenities include regular scheduled events and activities, happy hour, a nail salon, Bible study, movie nights, birthday parties, and more.

Senior Living in Byron Center, MI

For anyone thinking about making the transition into a senior living facility, Byron Center Manor is here to help. We’ll answer your questions, provide guidance along the way, and take care of new residents like family. Learn more about our services and amenities by browsing our website or contacting us today.